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We help parents, like you, transform their children into Confident, highly focused leaders by developing a Black Belt Character within weeks

In your Introduction Experience you will get 4 Incredible things that will give you a brilliant insight into what we do at The Warrior Academy:

One Session

Hosted in our locations with our world class instructors (Voted Top 5 in the UK!) giving you a real insight into what to expect!

Breakthrough Area Assessment

An online assessment to discover your child’s breakthrough area, finding their sores in Confidence, Conduct and Concentration so that our Instructors can make radical improvements in their weakest areas.


Access to our online learning environment WarriorNet with over 700 classes from White Belt to Black Belt, giving you a massive head start before your first class.

Uniform Test

Everything is earned in the Warrior Academy, to earn the uniform a 7 day behaviour checklist must be completed, this is provided to you at the introduction class.

Here's an insight into our Classes and our methodology...

Sebastian Bates


Founder and Head Instructor 

Best Selling Author - of 'The Warrior Method'. Founder and Head Instructor of The Warrior Academy. International professional competitor, British, English and West of England Champion, 20+ years studying 8 different styles of martial arts and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.



Martial Arts Instructor 

1st Degree Black Belt, teaching 300+ students per week. Matt has over decades experience studying 6 different styles of martial arts, he's a regular national competitor and head of our weapons programme. 


Leighton Andrews

Martial Arts Instructor 

Leighton has a strong background in Taekwondo, achieving his 1st degree at the age of 13 in Cyprus. Leighton’s very visible passion for martial arts and teaching make him a brilliant instructor.

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2018 Survey to over 1000 Warrior Academy Parents.  

100% of Parents saw an increase in Confidence in their child, on average up by 26%”  

100% of Parents saw an improvement in their child’s focus resulting in an average improvement in their grades of 23.3%”  

93% saw a visible improvement in behaviour in their child, resulting in less stress at home, stating we had improved their “Quality-Family-Time


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By filling in the above form you agree to our terms and conditions. You can find our T's + C's here: Also you agree to be contacted via email/phone.